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Target Tattoo

General Information

 Target Tattoo

Trying to decide which tattoo to get is extremely difficult! The secret to finding the perfect design is to browse through a lot of ideas before you settle on one. is a site for people who like the art of tattoos and are looking for new tattoo ideas but are fed up with surfing the net not finding what they are looking for.

Maybe you're just looking for some inspiration for your own unique tattoo. With currently thousands of designs in this directory you have a huge resource of tattoo ideas at your disposal.

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Product Details


Description: A large assortment with different tattoo designs to choose from

Price: $19.95

Money back policy: 56 days 100% guarantee


Browse the thousands of designs in several categories.
Print out a design you like and bring it to the tattoo artist.
Learn how to tattoo in 12 easy steps.
Use the designs only as inspiration for your own unique tat.
Combine two designs into one.
Ask your friends what they think before making the decision.
Get inspiration from looking at photos of other people's tattoos.
Everything about Tattoo Meanings, Articles or Laser Removal.
Talk about your thought in the Tattoo Forum.

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Consumer Feedback

"Not as well known as the other major sites. A simple site design at first glance , but in actual fact a lot of freebies inside for non-members. The price and the free ebooks alone is a good deal. Great for Budget consious tattoo lovers!"
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"When you are searching for some great tattoo desings you want a site that a great range, with many different categories to choose from.
Target Tattoo is a brand new site which offers you over 10,000 designs to choose from."
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