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Everything You Allways Wanted To Know About Dragon Tattoos!

All About Dragon Tattoos

Usually you see dragon tattoos on a BAD GUY on TV. In the Western world, they are seen as cunning and vile creatures that will do anything and everything to succeed that is why they are usually painted on antagonists on movies or TV shows.

But dragons are mythical creatures that can have many different meanings, depending on which dragon you decide for your tattoo. And in reality, for the Asian culture, dragons are seen as celestial beings that can control the weather and at times, they are even keepers and guardians of a family. This is how the Asian culture sees dragons, totally opposite as to how the Western world sees dragons.

Like the meaning of an eastern dragon is the nicest of all, they represent kindheartedness, good fortune and they are believed to be a protector. Or the meaning of an imperial dragon is quite unique, it believed to have unrivaled wisdom and power which has made it the primary of the four benevolent spiritual animals in Chinese culture.

Dragons are arguably the most illustrious and magnificent creature in the world. Even in those stories where dragons are depicted as vicious beasts, their supremacy still stands out.

You can do many things with a dragon tattoo, and have it symbolize different aspects of life. Choosing the right dragon tattoo for your personality can be quite easy because there is a wide range of dragon design selections:

Dragon tattoos can very easily represent power from the obvious nature of the dragons physical appearance and physical performance associated with dragons. A dragon tattoo can also signify wisdom. Dragons are very mystical creatures, which makes this representation ideal. Many who are after this type of meaning choose very vibrant, colorful dragon tattoo designs. A dragon tattoo can represent the warrior within. But it also can represent a strong sense of loyalty as well as protectiveness to one's own family. Representation of these elements could be worn by athletes such as mixed martial arts fighters who want to symbolize their own strong fighting skills. And if a woman has a dragon tattoo - it can symbolize a strong, independent and intelligent woman.

Choosing a dragon tattoo can be a hard decision. It will be with you for life so you want it to be unique and imaginative. Take your time! Dare to desire the dragon design and you'll feel as powerful as you let yourself be.

Dragon tattoos have many options in both symbolism and design. If you are more into earth elements, you can select the fire dragon or even the water dragon tattoo. You can personalize your own dragon design. An artist can coil it all over your hand, arm, leg, he or she can drape it over your shoulders or better yet, he or she can print your whole back with a Japanese dragon tattoos if you want.

Whatever design suits your personality, go for it!

An online dragon tattoo gallery is where you need to go. The best thing to do is to print out several designs that you like and put the best pieces together like a puzzle and come up with your unique tattoo.