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Chopper Tattoos

General Information

chopper tattoos 

If you’re into mean-looking tattoos and not the mushy, cute ones, then a Chopper-Tattoo is probably what you’re looking for.

Copper-Tattoos offer many different designs easily searchable on their website.

The great thing about Chopper Tattoos is that you can try to come up with a design that goes well with the kind of motorcycle you ride.

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If you are looking for high quality tattoo designs, then look no further. Chopper-Tattoo provides you with a growing database with thousands of ideas. Chopper-Tattoo is the largest tattoo gallery on the internet. Browse through the tattoos from the convenience of your computer, and find that perfect tattoo to print out and take to your favorite tattoo artist. You can even search by style or size, black and white or color tattoo designs.

Unlimited Access and print-offs
Tattoo data-base is continually expanding
User friendly navigation system
Top Quality Tattoos
56 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Chopper Tattoo is by far the most popular tattoo resource in the world. Chopper Tattoo can even help you locate a reputable tattoo artist in your area.

Price: from $19.95


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Consumer Feedback

"Subject: Amazing website
I would just like to say that I purchased the unlimited access a few days ago and I'm REALLY impressed. They have so many different tattoo's in hundreds of categories that it's definitely worth the 30 some bucks I paid."
Actual user feedback from Bill - March 01, 2008-2011 - 14:15

"All these tattoo designs are awesome! I'm so glad I found your site because none of the tattoo shops I visited had the exact tattoo I wanted, and a tattoo lasts forever."
Actual user feedback from Anonym

"The No.1 design tattoo site currently with over 3500 unique and award winning tattoo designs to choose from.The quality and artistry of the tattoo designs is unsurpassed with frequently updated additions."
Actual user feedback from an Article at

“Hi There,
They offer the best tattoo designs and for sure evrybody will find something! I love the three designs I have chosen.
Thanks again!”
Actual user feedback from Mike, Germany

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