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Chinese Tattoos Designs

General Information

 Chinese Tattoos Designs 

Chinese symbols have a complex beauty as well as individual meanings.

Yingying provides in Chinese Tattoos custom translation and tattoo design service for people all over the world.

You will get the translation and custom design by email within 24 hours after making payment and then You print it out and take it to the tattooist of your choice in your town for inking.

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Product Details


Description: Chinese translation and tattoo design service by email

Author/Creator: Yingying, Tattoo Artist

$29.95 (up to 4 words)
$49.95 (up to 10 words or 1 sentence)
$97.00 (up to 24 words or 2 sentences)

Money back policy: 8 weeks 100% guarantee


Increase your self-confidence... knowing your tattoos look awesome!
Become the center of attention when out in public!
People will come up to you and comment on how cool your chinese tattoo looks!
Attract the opposite Sex hearing them whisper how sexy you look!
The Chinese Tattoo is a way of silent self expression!
... and get your 4 bonuses worth over $66.00!!!

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Consumer Feedback

"AWESOME service. Thank you for the cool designs. My partner and I are very glad that we have the little cute Symbol tattooed on our shoulder.
Your service is great value. I will recommend your service to my buddies."

Actual user feedback from Rubee -- France

"Thank You so much! I can't believe how fast, simple and friendly your service is. I'll recommend you to friends seeking Chinese symbols and art."
Actual user feedback from Marty

"Hi Ying:
"Thanks for your wonderful service! I just got an absolutely stunning Chinese Tattoo done. I wouldn't have made decision unless it was for your advice!
Thanks again!!"
Actual user feedback from David Bricker -- USA

I just wanted to thank you again for the online calligraphy service that you offer. Just got my Tattoo, and I absolutely love it. Your service couldn't be easier or more convenient, and I love the style. Just wanted to send you some pictures of the work.

Again, thank you"
Actual user feedback from Eric

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